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Truth or lie? What does your partner really think? Which signs can reveal the lie? These and many other questions will be answered in our application about body language “Trick me”You can meet both lie and truth in your life. It is easy to meet a lie on the streets, in shops or on television watching your morning breaking news. ✓ Scientists suppose every human lies up to 20 times per day and often they don’t even realize it. This app will help you better understand yourself through teaching you non-verbal actions.Nowadays for recognition of deception some professionals use lie detector (polygraph). Unfortunately you can’t take a polygraph at the date with your beloved and it also would be odd to use it with your business partners. Even in relationships between parents and children this device looks unappropriate. And even more - it’s accuracy, according to some resources, is under 80%.Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Are you sure you really want to know when people are lying to you? Even your closest ones. Using knowledge of body language you can find out a lot of new about people in your environment. Did you know that 98% of teenagers lie to their parents and 80% of people tell the white lie every day? Lie theory - is the very wide topic, but you should just accept this fact - everybody lies.The methods from this apllication “lie to me" are used in a lot of fields of actions: by police, security services, psychiatric consultants, NLPrs and so on.This app is useful for head managers, scholars, students and everybody who wants to be knowledgeable in psychology of lying and better understand people. A person both thinks and talks with his or her the whole body. For recognition signs of lie in this application we use a lot of kinds of body language, like:★ Gaze direction★ Touching of lips★ Types of handshakes★ Position of legs★ Lie by telephoneSince olden times people have had a desire to know what was on someone’s mind. After a while the whole direction has formed. Now it is known as physiognomy. Using this app “Lie to me” you will learn the language of body and gestures. You will find out the main principles of way of thinking and it will be easy for you to recognize a liar by his face expression. Some specialists testifies that absolutely every human being can learn how to spot lie. You just have to understand the body language. Yes, it’s true! Very soon it’ll be easy for you to read people’s minds and microexpressions. For a while you will take the gasp of non-verbal communication. Unfortunately or, vise versa, hopefully there are no absolutely verified ways to uncover the deception. But due to this app you will be able to understand people, build close relationships and learn to control your own emotions. If you often deal with public speaking or engage in negotiations - it totally will help you to win round the audience. Besides, it will be promotive of your personal advancement.It is not always possible to use the body language. Sometimes you don’t have a possibility to observe hands or legs of a person you speak to. For example, if you’re sitting at the table or moving on the bus - there is still a possibility to reveal deception by your partner’s eyes. But still we recommend to consider all available signs altogether, noticing the environment and context, because some signs of lie could have the easier explanation. For example it is cold so your partner crossed his hands just to warm up. Or he suffers from allergic disease, so he often scratches his nose.Do you have any ideas how to improve this app? We will be glad to know about it: Learn More

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Body language - Trick me!
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