Conversion Calculator (free)

Conversion Calculator (free) 8.0 for android

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Description :
This application is the calculator with the function of unit conversion
You can convert so many unit of measurement or currency with four arithmetic operations.
Ex.1: If you want to convert the 500miles to km, just input the date as “500miles”, then this application will automatically calculate and display 804.67200km
Ex2: If you want to know how much will it cost you to buy 100GBP product and 100EUR product in the USD, all you have to do is just choose the currency and input each amount of cost .This application will automatically calculate the total and display in latest currency exchange rate of USD. 
This application can set and change the tax rate according to user’s necessity, so you can calculate not only for consumption duty but also for the VAT or retail sales tax or custom duty
We recommend this application for the best reliable company when you travel abroad or plan to buy the product from overseas web site!
This application also has the function of alpha calculator as well!

How to use this application
Situation 1
When you would like to know the currency exchange rate for 15 EUR in JPY
Tap the currency button which located in upward of the screen, so you can see the list of currency.
Please input “15”, then tap the button of “EUR” and press” =”, then you will find the latest currency exchange rate of 15EUR in JPY.
When you would like to know the total cost of 3 pcs of 15 EUR mug and 10 boxes of 8 EUR cookies in currency exchange rate of JPY
1. Tap the currency button which located in upward of the screen, so you can see the list of currency.
2. Please input “(15×3+8×10)”, then tap the button of “EUR” and press ” =” , then you will find the latest exchange rate of 15EUR in JPY
Satiation 3
When you would like to know the currency exchange rate for 15 EUR in USD
1. Please input “15”, then tap the button of “EUR” and tap the button of ” convert to currency of “” ”, then tap the button of “USD”, you will find the latest exchange rate of 15euro in USD
We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates used by the calculator. You should confirm current rates before making any transactions that could be affected by changes in the exchange rates.
m,mm,cm,inch,feet,yard,mile,km,furlong,fathom,nautical mile,cubit,league,angstrom,PostScript pica,lightyear,micron,Parsec,
milligram,pound,gram,ounce,kilogram,grain,metric ton,carat,long ton,slug,short ton,atomic mass unit,dram,stone,pennyweight
square cm,square inch,square meter,square yard,square km,square mile,are acre,hectare,
litre,cc,cubic inch,cubic meter,ml,cubic feet,US pint,UK pint,US quart,UK quart,US gallon,UK gallon,US fluid ounce,UK fluid ounce,teaspoon,tablespoon,
Pascal,bar,atmosphere,Watt,horsepower,meter per second,psi,Joule,cal,kilometer per hour,mile per hour,Wh,knot,degree Celsius,degreeFahrenheit,Kelvin
√(root),^,sin,cos,tan,acsc,actn,sinh,sec,csc,ctan,cosh,tanh,sqrt,asin,acos,atan,exp,log,ln,asec,lg,choose,th root of,pi,gravity on earth,radian,degrees

Download Conversion Calculator (free) - Version: 8.0

Conversion Calculator (free)
Process Conversion Calculator (free) 8.0 download page
Size: 166.65KB
Requires: Android 1.6 or higher

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