Abazaca-Türkçe Sözlük (Аҧсшәа-Аҭырқәшәа Жәар) 1.1

İçerisinde 20.000'e yakın kelime,deyim barındıran sayın Ahocba İrfan Okuyucu tarafından hazırlanan materyaller baz alınarak yapılmıştır. Аҧсшәа-Аҭырқәшәа Жәар'ı offline olarak internet bağlant…

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IKOM Karriereforum 1.2.1

Die App für die IKOM Karriereforen an der TUM. Hier findest Du alle Informationen, die Du für Deinen Headstart in die Karriere auf all unseren Messen benötigst. Alle Firmen mit Kurzpro…

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Kartable : Cours, Exos, Bac 4.1.5

LA MEILLEURE APPLI POUR RÉVISER !Tous vos cours à portée de main et des milliers d’exercices

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Learn PHP 4.3.8

We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get it here:

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Can't wait to know your official exam results? Disappointed from other websites and mobile

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NeuroNation - brain training 2.18.12

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Improve English: Word Games 1.13.1 aims to help you Learn and Improve English in an easy, interesting and effective

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Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D

Meet this awesome 3D model of our solar system to explore space, spacecraft and planets in real

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English Grammar Lite 2.0

☆ ☆ ☆ ENGLISH GRAMMAR LITE (Grammar now in my pocket) ☆ ☆ ☆Grammar is the study of

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PlantNet Plant Identification 2.2.0

Pl@ntNet is an image sharing and retrieval application for the identification of plants.It is

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