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Description :
Test the quality of your fish ear, with this specific hearing test.
The term fish ear is a non-scientific term referring to the phase-locking hair cells in your labyrinth. These hair cells can be found in the vestibulum and as inner hair cells in the cochlea. They are responsible for the coding of the low frequency fine structure of mechanical waves. This is in contrast to the outer hair cells in the cochlea which are responsible for the tonotopical coding of the higher frequencies, which are typical for speech sounds.

The fish ear is responsible for the balance (equilibrium), for understanding one voice in the presence of multiple speakers, for appreciating music, etc. Abnormal results on this test are often seen in low frequency hearing loss, hydrops, Menière disease, stress related hearing loss, stress related balanced problems and vertigo. They often coincide with clinical symptoms like fullness, tinitus, hearing loss, hyperacusis (hypercusis), noise intolerance, drop attacks, muscle tension, irritable bowel syndrome, depressive disorders, burn out, etc.

This app has been developed by Otoconsult for readers of the scientific journal Bio-Mens which has dedicated its March number of 2012 to hearing.

Download Fish Ears - Version: 1.2

Fish Ears

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