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Description :
If you are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns, with high caliber, powerful sound this app is just for you!
In this app you can find a lots of popular military and police guns with different caliber, sound, bullets!
To play you only need to choose a weapon, pull the trigger, or shake it and you'll hear different sounds of shots!
Shells will drop down! If you run out of bullets is just click on the reload button and ammo will reload automatically.
The Guns Pro Game is as true and accurate as possible to the actual workings of its real-life counterpart.
Guns Pro is a realistic simulator with shooting range experience, which has most popular guns/weapons and their information, including Handguns, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Machine Guns, Grenades, Knives.
Tap the screen or shake to fire, tap menu for settings.
Camera permission is only for camera preview in target mode, won't actually take pictures.

List of Weapons
AI Arctic Warfare Magnum.Sniper Rifles
AK-12.Assault Rifles
AK-47.Assault Rifles
AK-74.Assault Rifles
AR15 A3.Assault Rifles
AT 4.Rocket Launchers
B&T MP9.Sub-Machine Guns
Ballista.Sniper Rifles
Ballistic Knife.Misc Weapons
Barrett M82.Sniper Rifles
Benelli M3 Super90.Shotguns
Benelli XM1014.Shotguns
Beretta 96 Brigadier Inox.Handguns
Beretta 96 Brigadier.Handguns
Brown Bess.Misc Weapons
Browning Hi-Power.Handguns
Browning M1919.Machine Guns
Browning Takedown .22 LR.Shotguns
BT Delta Elite Paintball Gun.Misc Weapons
CheyTac M200 Intervention.Sniper Rifles
Colt M1911 A1.Handguns
Colt M4A1 Carbine.Assault Rifles
Combat Axe.Misc Weapons
Combat U.S.M.C Knife.Misc Weapons
Desert Eagle .50 AE.Handguns
Dragnov Sniper Rifle.Sniper Rifles
DSR-50.Sniper Rifles
Famas F1.Assault Rifles
FN Five-Seven.Handguns
FN FS2000 Civilian Model.Assault Rifles
FN M249 Para.Machine Guns
FN P90.Sub-Machine Guns
FN Scar Heavy.Assault Rifles
Franchi SPAS-12.Shotguns
Gewehr 43.Assault Rifles
Glock18 Select Fire.Handguns
H&K G3 SG-1 Sniper Rifle.Sniper Rifles
H&K G36C.Assault Rifles
H&K MK23.Handguns
H&K Mp5 Navy.Sub-Machine Guns
H&K MP7A1.Sub-Machine Guns
H&K UMP45.Sub-Machine Guns
H&K USP .45 Tactical.Handguns
Heckler & Koch HK416.Assault Rifles
Ingram MAC-10.Sub-Machine Guns
Jericho 941.Handguns
K2.Assault Rifles
Kel-Tec KSG.Shotguns
L85A1.Assault Rifles
M1 Garand.Assault Rifles
M134 Gatling Gun.Machine Guns
M14.Assault Rifles
M16.Assault Rifles
M21 Sniper Rifle.Sniper Rifles
M24 Grenade.Misc Weapons
M60.Machine Guns
M72 LAW.Rocket Launchers
Mauser C96.Handguns
MG42.Machine Guns
Micro Galil.Assault Rifles
MK2 Grenade.Misc Weapons
MP 40.Sub-Machine Guns
MP-443 Grach.Handguns
Negev NG7.Machine Guns
PGM Hecate II.Sniper Rifles
PPSh-41.Sub-Machine Guns
R700.Sniper Rifles
Remington 870.Shotguns
Remington R5.Assault Rifles
RPG 29.Rocket Launchers
RPG 7.Rocket Launchers
Ruger SR9.Handguns
SIG P228.Handguns
Sig SG-550 Sniper.Sniper Rifles
Sig SG-552 Commando.Assault Rifles
Springfield XD .45 ACP.Handguns
Steyr Aug.Assault Rifles
Steyr Scout.Sniper Rifles
Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol.Sub-Machine
StG 44.Assault Rifles
Stoner Rifle-25.Sniper Rifles
Tar 21.Assault Rifles
Taurus Model 44 .44 Magnum.Handguns
Taurus Raging Bull.Handguns
Thompson M1A1.Sub-Machine Guns
UZI.Sub-Machine Guns
Walther P99.Handguns
Walther PPK.Handguns
Walther WA 2000.Sniper Rifles
XM8.Assault Rifles

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Guns Pro
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Size: 6.7MB
Requires: Android 1.5 or higher

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