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P!k by Pikolin 1.0.65

La APP de PIKOLIN llega para mejorar la calidad del descanso. Ofrece gráficas e información detallada de tu sueño, un divertido juego de amor donde podrás coleccionar insi…

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Seu Guia Médico e da Saúde 1.1

Uma lista completa de medicos, consultórios, clínicas, laboratórios e hospitais em seu telefone

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Fitness_Trainer(Gym) 1.0.1

Fitness_Trainer Personal Trainer by Track My Fitness is just like having your own personal trainer on your phone and stop watch. Just select your workout and get moving! - Get faster results with a…

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ラクしてマイナス15kg!? ~禁断の「超」ダイエット~ 短期間で瘦せるスーパーメソッド 1.0

痩せすぎ注意!? 今までの常識を覆す、最新ダイエット・beautyノウハウを一挙公開!! 周りの女子と一線を画すモテ子に変身しちゃいましょ~♪ 綺麗になって自分に自信をもちたい… 年齢を重ねるごとに体重が落ちにくくなっている… 楽して痩せたい… ダイエットが続かない… すぐリバウンドしてしまう… 今話題のダイエット法を試し…

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Positive Homeopathy 1.0.2

Dr. A.M. Reddy founded Positive Group which includes the chain of Positive Homeopathy and Dental clinics across India in the year 2005. He is known to be one of the renowned Homeopaths in India and h…

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DrepaCare 1.3

DrepaCare est une application mobile préventive et informative sur la maladie de la drépanocytose. Elle accompagne les drépanocytaires au quotidien à travers diverses fonc…

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GoBand 2.2.10

"GoBand” is an App connect with smart bracelet. It support the pedometer, calories consumption,

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MyTerraillon v1.7-B030

Keep connected to your well-being with the Terraillon application. Because your first motivation is

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Alive 0.22

Do you want a life of purpose, productivity and joy?Becoming happier may take some work, but with

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PsoHappy - Psoriasis study 3.5.5

Be part of PsoHappy, the first app that measures the happiness levels of people living with

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