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Diabetes Ke Upay 1.0

➡ No. 1 diabetes app in 6 countries ➡ Most popular diabetes app in the world based on five-star reviews and ratings In the 21st century, our routine life became unhealthier. The office makes us obe…

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Yoga and Health 1.3

This app contains many videos on yoga and health.

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Nadi Shuddhi Yoga 1.0

Nadi Shuddhi demonstrates easy exercises to effectively cleanse the Nadis and Yoga Chakras to restore and maintain balance and health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Suited for all ages and li…

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Walkme-Alarm 1.0

Walk Me-Alarm !!! walk me up alarm clock. Unless you get out of bed and take a Walk, your alarm will not stop loud alarm ringtones. It stops ringing only when you have walked a certain number of step…

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iOrtho+® 2.3.2

iOrtho+® is your mobile guide for orthopedic information. This App is designed for rehabilitation

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Plank Timer 1.2.8

Plank is a very popular workout to get fit at home on it's own, but have you tried doing plank

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StepJockey - Stair Tracker

The StepJockey activity app is designed to work alongside StepJockey signage. It enables you to

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Health2Sync - Diabetes Care 1.4.17

Health2Sync helps you combat diabetes by making blood sugar tracking more meaningful. You can

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Massage Vibrator 1.0

Massage Vibrator Learn More

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Pregnancy & Parenting Tinystep

Tinystep - Everything you need to know about Parenting and Pregnancy! Tinystep is an app for

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