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Misfit 2.14.0

The Misfit app is the easy-to-use activity and sleep tracking app that works by itself or with

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Christspace - Prayer

Christspace Mindful Prayer connects you with proven mindfulness and focusing techniques from

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올리고 - 하루 20분 다이어트 미션, 운동영상 1.2.1

하루 20분! 올리고를 이용해보세요 당신은 더 날씬하고 더 건강하고 더 강해질 수 있어요! ★ 몸이 무겁고 피곤할 때 디톡스 프로그램으로 시작해보세요! 10분 스트레칭과 10여 가지의 디톡스 레시피, 해독 작용에 도움이 되는 생활 마사지 ★ 힙업과 11자 복근을 만들고 싶다면 바디 코어 프로그램에 도전해 보세요~! 송아름 (2015 WFF, 머슬마니…

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100MPH Players Coaches Venues 1.00

Passionate players, communities, coaches and facilities all waiting to connect. 100MPH is the easiest and fastest way to pursue your passions and do that thing you love. Looking to play a sport, g…

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montée de lait 2.1

La réussite de l’allaitement maternel en général, dépend de la mise au sein précoce ; de la fréquence des tétées ; et aussi de l’…

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Miracle Women`s Calendar 1.1

Elegant and smart just like you - this period tracker for women checks for your cycle and you can manage your life without doubts. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve have regular or irregul…

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Nutriwell India 3.1.0

Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy and lose Weight with Nutriwell's Health and fitness App. Your Own Very Indian Diet and Nutrition app with database of most of the Indian food items. Either you want to look…

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Cycling - Bike Tracker 1.0.11

Track your pace, measure workout distance, count burned calories, crush training goals and more

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DietBet - Weight Loss Games 1.2

Perfect for anyone who needs some extra motivation to lose weight, DietBet is the fun way to get

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Revive - Weight Loss 1.0.30

Revive - Weight Loss is a new way to improve your well-being everyday. Unlike other weight loss

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