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Cheats for Bubble Witch 3 Saga 1.0

This app contains tips & tricks of bubble witch 3 saga game. You will learn how to play smart and how to never lose. This app is for learning purpose and all rights goes to game creator.

Free Size: :2960 kb

MACO Search 1.0

MACO search app operated in two mode and they are online and offline. In offline it basically search the music, installed application and contacts presented in the mobile device. And in online mode t…

Free Size: :1549 kb

Condor Passport 3.0

Condor Passeport vous permet d’unifier tous vos services Condor avec un seul compte qui contient

Free Size: :14.37MB

Cheats for Pokemon Duel 1.0

Pokemon Duel Cheats/Guide will help you to learn perfect strategies, tecniques and other tips & tricks to win every battle! In this guide you will learn a lot about pokemon duel coins and gems,…

Free Size: :2859 kb

SensorPuck Demo 1.0

This is the demo application provides functionality to receive the data like temperature, humidity and other from Sensor Puck manufactured by Silicon Labs. It also has demo mode where several sensors…

Free Size: :2503 kb

Firebase Chat Demo 1.0.1

We already worked on real time chat using Openfire XMPP, as well as Quickblox. This time we are experimenting with Google Firebase. This demo includes following features :- - Login with G…

Free Size: :9929 kb

ادعية الرحمان 2017 8.0

تطبيق ادعية الرحمان 2017 : يوفر لكم ادعية من اداء الشيوخ البارزة مثل: -ادعية السديس -ادعية العفاسي -ادعية ادريس بكر -ادعية احمد العجمي ادعية جميلة، أدعية صوتية خاشعة مؤثرة و بدون انترنت والدعاء هو…

Free Size: :29522 kb

Cloud Sensor App 1.1

Collect sensor data from your smartphone like acceleration, GPS position, ambient light, or pressure and forward it to the Cumulocity IoT platform. Additionally, sensor data can be collected from the…

Free Size: :4117 kb

QUIDE FOR UC Browser 1.1

BEST FREE Guide for UC Browser the application You will discover how to use the popular fastest browser app that let you surf websites too fas t! and With This guide of the UC Browser app, You will …

Free Size: :2544 kb

Noé de Groupama 1.1

Vous avez un parent en situation de dépendance et/ou d’un âge avancé ? Vous souhaitez l’aider à rester vivre à son domicile le plus longtemps possible et…

Free Size: :21699 kb