My Flex Account Mobile

My Flex Account Mobile is developed by Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex). The app

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NEXtCARE 1.2.6

Aligning with our continuous efforts to provide new services and innovations that would deliver

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Qapsula: врачи онлайн 1.1.8

Qapsula – современный телемедицинский сервис,

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Werk je op een kinderdagverblijf, peuterspeelzaal of de buitenschoolse opvang en wil je weten wat

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스마트 장기요양 1.08.00

노인장기요양보험 재가급여서비스(RFID)에 참여하는 요양보호사, 수급자(보호자) 등을 위한 앱으로 서비스 내용의 송수신 및 제공내용 등을 확인할 수 있습니다.

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Cofi'Docs 1.2

Vous êtes client Télétrans et Cofidoc et vous souhaitez gagner du temps pour envoyer vos

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NIMA Solapur 1.4

We are in an insinuate mode, an era of transformation in & within the association. We are working on all the logics & statistics to arrant. A strong Association will rule & judge. We will…

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StudMED (v 0.1.1)

Jest to aplikacja dla studentów medycyny, pomagająca w nauce i sprawdzająca wiedzę. Razem z Wami chciałbym zbierać tu testy oraz pytania egzaminacyjne- zarówno te bardziej i mniej oficj…

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APPlause Virtual Trainer 1.3.8

Product training on the Greiner VACUETTE® Safety Blood Collection Set is now available 24/7 through the use of this app. Users will watch a brief video, practice the instruction with the assist…

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ANJAL Med 1.0

This application includes: 1. Validity Test For Blood Gas Analysis 2. Simplified Stewart Approach Base Excess 3. Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) 4. Natrium (Sodium) Deficit Calculation 5. Kalium (Po…

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