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Safety tips 2.1.3 for android

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Description :
This Application notifies a user with Earthquake Early Warnings, Tsunami Warnings,Eruption Alert and other special Weather Warnings issued in Japan. It is a free application developed under the supervision of Japan Tourism Agency. The Application provides various functions useful for both foreign tourists and foreign residents in Japan. The application is available in four languages: English, simplified and traditional Chinese, and Korean.
<Main functions and its utilization>
-Receiving Earthquake Early Warnings and Tsunami Warnings
 Before using the Application for the first time, select locations for which you wish to receive warnings from the Settings Menu (you may select a maximum of five locations (in Japan only))(*). Users will receive notifications when Earthquake Early Warning for local earthquakes of seismic intensity level 4 or greater, Tsunami Warning, Eruption Alert, or other special weather warnings are issued for the selected locations. Also, please note that notifications will NOT be given if more than one month has elapsed since the last update of location settings. (*)
(*) It is necessary to activate the GPS, if you wish to set locations by using Location Information Service (GPS). The Location Information Service is also used to obtain information of your current location to allow the application to display both your current location and the earthquake location on a map.
-Earthquake List
 Information on past earthquakes (seismic intensity level of 3 or higher) can be viewed (a maximum of ten records).
-Weather Warning List
 Weather Warnings (heavy rainfall, flood, windstorm, blizzard, heavy snowfall, high wave, tidal wave) and special warnings (heavy rainfall, windstorm, blizzard, heavy snowfall, high wave, tidal wave) issued for the selected locations can be viewed.
-Volcanic Warning List
 Currently issued volcanic warnings can be viewed.
-Evacuation flow chart
 Actions to be taken during a disaster are shown in the form of a flow chart.
-Communication cards
 A set of question sentences that can be used when asking questions to people around you during a disaster.
 Links to other sources of information that may be necessary during disaster situations (contact information of embassy, nearest tourist centers, etc.), and other information concerning disasters and tourism.
-About seismic intensity scale
 Explanation concerning the intensity of an earthquake is provided (according to the seismic intensity scale).
-About Weather Warnings
 Explanations on Weather Warnings and appropriate responses to the warnings are available.
-About Volcanic Warnings
 Explanations on Volcanic Warnings and appropriate responses to the warnings are available.
While the Application and Earthquake Early Warnings/Tsunami Warnings information are free, communication charges related to download and use of Application shall be borne by the user.
We will not be liable for any losses and/or damages resulting from the use of the Application.

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Safety tips
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Size: 10.53MB
Requires: Android 4.0 or higher

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