ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG-

ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG- 0.43 for android

Description :
Aiming and avoiding by one finger.
2D shooting game where it can play by one hand.
A game with unique pleasant operativity.
## operation ##
Since it aimed at that it could be operated single hand (one finger), its operation method is somewhat peculiar.
First of all, please practice by a tutorial.
If a screen is touched and it moves (swipe), a red marker will move according to a finger.
He pursues a marker and moves.
* Don't care about the position which touches a screen anywhere.
If the black portion which is not displayed at all is used, a screen will not hide easily with a finger.
When moving oneself, a screen is touched, but aim is set to the place in which he was present when it touches.
From itself, a cartridge is discharged towards aim.
Even if he moves, the position of aim remains as it is.
Thereby, a cartridge can be shot in the free direction.
If a hand is lifted from a screen, aim will disappear and shooting will also stop.
There is the following as a technique of how to use aim.
- Place aim near yourself.
-> Since the shooting direction changes simply by moving oneself, it turns to attacking the wide range.
- Separate aim from yourself and place it.
-> an angle can be adjusted precisely.
- Place aim near the enemy.
-> Even if it moves in order to avoid
enemy's cartridge, a cartridge is discharged toward an enemy.
It turns to attacking a boss and a hard enemy.
Since it can replace at any time, please use aim properly flexibly.

zeemote eneble at setting screen.
use joystick(MOVE) and A button(SHOT)
## MENU ##
## others ##
・When the track ball is pushed, it is a temporary stop. It returns to push again.

## About banner advertising ##
It carries experimentally.
It can do undisplayed in a setup.
## use material ##
I will use the following materials. Thank you.
臼井の会 RPGツクール素材支部 様
First Seed Material 様
ナカムラ作戦 様
シュガーポット 様

煉獄庭園 様
SIXTH SENSE(sixth_sense.mp3)
Rock 5th Chemistry(r5c.mp3)
・Sound effect
ザ・マッチメイカァズ2nd 【フリー効果音素材】様
- The distribution origin has the copyright to each material respectively. Please do not use this game for the usages other than playing.
## improvement schedule for the future ##
・stage 5-7
・High score server

Download ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG- - Version: 0.43

ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG-
Process ShotChanGE -Drug&Aim 2D STG- 0.43 download page
Size: 6.29MB
Requires: Android 1.6 or higher

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