Sniper Contract Killer 2017

Sniper Contract Killer 2017 1.1 for android

Description :
You are a special commando, trained by the US military , the military spent a lot of expenditure in 1970s to train their special men , to turn their flesh into steel, the Task Force special known as TFS branch trained many of their men to be useful in combats and gunship battle-s in the future and trained them to become best gun shooter-s, swimmers, snipers, sky-divers .Your hero code name (Hound Alpha) is one of them trained especially for snip-ing, is sent by the US military alone to weaken the defenses of the enemy force-s, they are planning to attack the Saudi Arabia interior country part to engage the Saudi Army in an epic battle, in order to capture the oil fields of petrol drilling mines which they have , this can give the enemy Russian Army and soviet military a huge advantage over their foes, if they get in the country and capture those oil drilling refineries which the Saudi Government owns.As the US Army has a contract with the Arabic government over the oil delivery agreement of their oil tanker-s, the US Army plays the role of an ally to protect the Arab Government Army and citizens also as they also have benefit in doing this.The task of your commando shooter Assassin is to weaken the enemy front-line forces as a sniper killer so that the US Army may proceed easily to the borders and help the innocent people and to aid the Arab Army, an Arab US treaty may be signed between the two countries if they success-fully manage to escape this disaster they are going through.Your task is to hide and silently kill the enemy soldiers, they may spot you but you will have to stick to the line and never let them kill you. You will play the role of a solo contract kill-er, you will enjoy playing the game because we have developed a 3d best environment suitable for shoot-ing and best graphics and surroundings for sniping simulation.The game consists of 25 stages, the contract sniper will clear the enemy camps one by one by continuously moving and changing his location from one hiding camp to another as the game will progress onwards. Learn More

Download Sniper Contract Killer 2017 - Version: 1.1

Sniper Contract Killer 2017
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Size: 33.91MB
Requires: Android 2.3 or higher

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