Wonder Period Tracker, Fertile, Ovulation Calendar

Wonder Period Tracker, Fertile, Ovulation Calendar 1.1.5 for android

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Description :
Wonder Period Tracker is a Period Calendar to track your menstrual cycles. It helps you to log the start date of period, forecast period days, and calculate ovulation day, safe days, and fertility. It also helps you to forecast the next period start day and the next fertile days to keep you healthy, safe, and confident.

Wondering when is your next period; whether it has high probability of getting pregnant today; or you want to know when is the next ovulation day; please download Wonder Period Tracker now, it is the best smart assistant of you for all these things.

Wonder Period Tracker Highlight features:

Period Tracker Calendar
Wonder Period Tracker has a calendar to track your period status everyday, and forecast all the future days for period, safe days, fertility, ovulation day, and pregnant possibility. On the calendar, you can also log many things of your healthy, such as body temperature, weight, mood, symptoms, and so on.

Ovulation Calculator
Woner Period Tracker can help you to calculate your ovulation day.

Diary for health and mood
Wonder Period Tracker can help you to write diary quickly for your health and status in whole menstrual cycles. You just need simply choose the cute icons or cartoons, the wonderful diary will be finished. The cute icons or cartoons represent your mood, your symptoms, whether has cramps in period, how much flow is in period, and so on. Also, with simple taps, you can log your weight and body temperature today. Also, you can write many detailed things in the diary. It is easy for you to keep and develop good habits for health with this diary.

Healthy Data Charts
Wonder Period Tacker will help you to manage your healthy data in charts, so that you know your status in one week, one month, or one year. The healthy charts can track your weight, your body temperature, your period length, your period cycle length, and more charts will come in later.

Period & Fertility Reminders
Wonder Period Tracker can remind you with notifications for period start, period input, fertile days, ovulation day; and also if you don't need any reminders, you can close them in settings.

Articles and news for wonder women
There are some articles and news for wonder women, ladies, and girls, including fashion news, healthy food articles, beauty news, and so on, which are very interesting and wonderful.

With this free period tracker, you will know your period and healthy status, and make you more confident. Let's go and download now! Learn More

Download Wonder Period Tracker, Fertile, Ovulation Calendar - Version: 1.1.5

Wonder Period Tracker, Fertile, Ovulation Calendar

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